Deep-dive Equallogic

Most of us know that managing a storage system can be done through a GUI. In this particular case we are going deeper with the Equallogic array’s. The normal day to day operation can be done through the webbased management console also known as the group manager or with the CLI for the advanced users. Online you can find all the basic documentation you need, per version (e.g. v6.0 & v7.0).

But what kind of information is now behind the GUI or CLI? Well that’s the Tech Support mode! Use this only if you know what your doing 😉 It can become very helpfull if you want to troubleshoot your array or if you just want to know what is happening at the background. First you need to make a SSH connection to the group IP.

user@server:~$ ssh grpadmin@[groupip]
grpadmin@[groupip]'s password:
Last login: Tue Mar 11 22:56:02 2014 from server on ttyp0
           Welcome to Group Manager
        Copyright 2001-2014 Dell Inc.
STORAGE> su ex sh "-o emacs"
You are running a support command, which is normally restricted to PS Series Tec
hnical Support personnel. Do not use a support command without instruction from
Technical Support.

From here you can execute all the OS level commands. A good example to know more about your members is “pm mem” or for your volumes it is “pm vol”. If you have more then one array in your pool you could see how the CLB is doing by executing “pm mononce” or “pm mon” to stay monitoring (press CTRL+C to exit).